Instructions to update the Security Manager Plus vulnerability and patch database with latest versions
Step 1. Copy the following sql files to <SMP_Home>\scripts directory (e.g., C:\AdventNet\SecurityManager\scripts)
a. Vulnerability Updates : vuldb.sql [For PostgreSQL, download : vuldb_pg.sql] (Last Updated on : Thu Jul 02 23:45:13 PDT 2015)
b. Patch Updates : UpdateDB_Windows_1.1455_24-11-2015.sql [For PostgreSQL, download : ]

Step 2. Open a command prompt and go to the above directory (C:\AdventNet\SecurityManager\scripts) and run the following commands
a. dbconnect.bat vuldb.sql (or) dbconnect.bat vuldb_pg.sql
b. dbconnect.bat UpdateDB_Windows_1.1455_24-11-2015.sql (or) dbconnect.bat UpdateDB_pg.sql